10 Random Facts About Me You Didn’t Know About

So, I recently launched this new blog because I was previously running a free WordPress blog. And so for the benefit of my new audience, today’s blog post would focus on 10 random facts about me you probably didn’t know about and I really hope I don’t bore you out.

Anyways, welcome back to my online corner! How are you doing?

Random Facts About Blairsyn You Probably Didn’t Know About

1. I am the second of four children (one sister and two brothers)

2. My favourite ice cream flavour is coffee

3. My alcoholic drink of choice is Smirnoff Ice

4. I am allergic to hair dyes (they affect my sight). But stubbornness and love for colours will not allow me stay away from them.

5. My pet peeve is mouth/body odor

6. People who are two-faced really annoy me

7. I can cook the most amazing vegetable soup (Eforiro) and egusi soup.

8. My family name “Oso” means rain (it’s not Yoruba, as most people assume)

9. I spend far too much on skincare/hair care products

10. I came up with my brand name “Blairsyn” after falling in love with the character- Blair Waldorf in the TV Show “Gossip girl” (I’m super straight, no homo)

Bonus: I enjoy taking flatlay photographs of food and products. I absolutely cannot explain the joy I get from arranging products or food on a flat surface and just snapping away💜

And that’s all on the 10 random facts you didn’t know about me.

I hope you enjoyed reading these random facts about me as much as I enjoyed writing them for you guys! Which one can you relate to?

Also, do not hesitate to catch up on previous posts.

Till next time, I remain your favourite content creator- @blairsyn_


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    1. Thanks! Practice makes perfect, so you just have to keep trying till you’ll get really good at taking flatlays😊😁

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