My Life Lately|April 2020 Edition

Today’s blog post is basically about my life lately|April 2020 Edition.

So guys, welcome back to my safest space! I hope I won’t be out of line to wish you a happy new month, as it’s already about two weeks into the month of April. I will just go ahead to say it anyways, ‘Happy new month’. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

my life lately|April edition/

So currently I am…

Listening to: Nobody by DJ Neptune, Mr eazi, and Joeboy (this song has been on repeat ever since I downloaded it on my phone)

Enjoying: the time I get to spend with my family.

Wishing: this pandemic could just go away miraculously.

Wearing: silk night dresses/gowns all through the day.

Missing: the love of my life who is far away in Abuja while your girl is stuck in Ibadan.

Determined to: stay consistent with my blog and other social media platforms.

My life lately|April edition/

Excited about: my birthday coming up on the 16th of April, which is next Thursday by the way. I just have a feeling I’d get lots and lots of credit alerts.

My life lately|April edition/

Planning to: stay fit and live a healthy life. And that’s why I have been involved in a skipping challenge #1000skipsaday

My life lately|April edition/
My life lately|April edition/

Not happy about: the annoying postponement of my introduction which was supposed to happen on the 4th of April.

Craving: cold stone ice cream in French vanilla and chocolate flavours.

Happy about: writing this blog post after experiencing the ‘writer’s block’ for a while.

Trying out: new recipes I have been seeing on YouTube.

My life lately|April edition/

Inspired by: every creative out there who still manages to stay consistent and relevant despite the lockdown.

Anticipating: the end and disappearance of covid-19, so that we can all go back to our normal lives.

So guys, that’s basically all that’s been happening in my life lately|April 2020 Edition.

I hope you enjoyed reading it?

This post was inspired by Ifeoma Amadi of Siainstyle

Do you think I should do this monthly (giving a rundown of my life lately)? Leave me a reply in the comments section below.

Also, do not hesitate to catch up on previous posts.

Till next time,

Keep staying safe.

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  1. My Queen, I truly miss you so much and can’t wait to have you all for life. You the best thing that has happened to me in this world. I pray this end soon so we can fix our Introduction & pick a date for my wedding, I’m so proud of you. I love now and forever, please we want to know how you doing each month. Thank you Soulmate

  2. Tis is nice. Oh, so sorry about the postponement.. But, then it’s never late than never. We all Anticipate the big day! The pandemic would be over soon, let’s keep hope alive and be Optimistic. Yeah, A monthly rundown to catch our attention and for us tobstay glued on this platform, someone like me especially.
    I see you guys!
    Congratulations to you both, BJ&BS💜

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