A Love Story On How I Met My Husband Part 1

Fasten your seatbelts because you’re about to be taken on a journey that would blow your minds. I am Blessing and this is a love story on how I met my husband.

Hello Lovelies… Welcome back to my safest space on the internet where I can express myself freely without fear or worries! As promised in my last post, consistency in putting up posts here is about to hit a whole new level (ya’ll ain’t ready though).

This particular post on how I met my husband (Mr B, as some of you know him) has been on high demand ever since i shared my proposal pictures/videos on instagram. So welcome to our love story!

a love story on how I met my husband part 1

Let me take you down memory lane…

When it comes to relationships/dating, I have never been one to be with a person for more than six months or a year at most. (I guess they all get tired/bored of my ‘no sex rule’).

Anyways, it was an entirely different ball game with my immediate Ex (let’s call him Mr T).

We met in 2012 during one of my compulsory Industrial Training (IT) programs and we sort of clicked, (let me add that he was a volunteer at the establishment I was interning with).

And boom! We were in a relationship… Things were going pretty rozy until Mr T did the usual (he cheated on me 😪).

I wasted no time in calling off the relationship, (we were barely 3 months old), despite all his begging and promise that it would never repeat itself!

That was it for me! I was totally done with him, so those apologies fell on deaf ears… I completed my IT, returned back to school and just continued living my life while studying hard to finish with the best possible grades.

A love story on how I met my husband part 1

Sometime in the present

Now fast forward to 2016/2017, when I got admission to the University of Ibadan for a master’s program, guess who was also running a PhD program at my FREAKING FACULTY!!!- Mr T

Hmmmn, could this be fate bringing us back together? What is the universe trying to say to me? All these and more were questions running through my mind at the time

It was a small faculty and there was absolutely no way on earth we wouldn’t bump into each other. Alas!!! We met, talked, he even assisted in getting me settled into the new environment and then Mr T told me he wanted us back together…

We started dating again (this is why I mentioned at the beginning of this post that it was an entirely different ball game with Mr T)!

Things kicked off on a very good note at first, but as we continued in the relationship, there were a lot of issues coming up.

Let me add that when it comes to brains, Mr T is quite intelligent (so master’s students particularly the ladies run to him for help/guidance.

Trouble in Paradise

I must confess that I was very uncomfortable seeing ladies around him all the time.

Also, he was insecure about me having male friends (and if you know me, you would know I love to hang with the guys).

Our relationship was just too complicated for me.

This minute we are happy and in each other’s faces, the next minute we are fighting over trivial things! And this went on and on

There was also the case of my ‘no sex rule on the side. I even remember Mr T telling me that, “if you’re not getting the juice from me, then there’s definitely someone else”

Quite a lot was going on- too many suspicions from both parties, lack of trust, poor communication skills amongst other things!

Despite all these, I was still willing to make things work (because in my mind, Mr T was definitely ‘the one’ 😆😆😆)

Our communication level deteriorated, Mr T travelled out of the country without informing me, (I only got to know weeks after he had settled into his new habitat).

It was at this point I said ‘fuck it’

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

a love story on how I met my husband

I moved on with my life and gave up on love sort of!

The love story on how I met my husband would be in my next post darlings! I just have to stop here (my hand aches).

So stay tuned!

Till next time,

Stay Fabulous and don’t let anyone make you feel less of a person

Xoxo: blairsyn💜

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  1. This suspense nawa o…..anyways being my first time here , I enjoyed the post and I must say congratulations to you again!!!

    1. I’m sorry about the suspense ooo! Awwn, it’s good to have you here. Welcome to the family💜 thank you so much for stopping by

  2. Don’t know what prompted me looking into the story, but I must say I actually admired you and told myself ummm! My friend has a good eye…am quiet eager for the full jist…..smiles!

  3. Slyyyyy…. i am Mr T

    Tell BJ jubam says hi…

    Why did u have to make me me read all d way down n nothing abt bj…mshewww

  4. Hanhan why now , why the suspense 🥺🥺. What he left without telling you wow. Pls when we get the full gist. God always has something better planned

    1. Yes darling! Sorry about the suspense… the concluding part of the story would be up pretty soon! God always has a better plan😊💜

  5. Omoooooo Me that I don’t read stories, blairsyn made me read this. Good writer💪. We are waiting for part to sis. Am proud of you❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Keep up the fantastic work , I read few blog posts on this web site and I conceive that your blog is real interesting and has lots of good info . Maryl Connor Hamo

  7. I’m glad I read this … I’m with my pen and jotter taking notes but definitely not for Mr T…let me just carry my pen and jotter for part 2😂

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