How I Met My Husband… A Love story (part 2)

Hello Lovelies! Good day and welcome to the concluding part (part 2) of a love story on how I met my husband.

I sincerely apologise for the suspense I created in my last post where I shared my experiences with an Ex. It was totally unintentional (well, it was actually 😛).

Anyways, the suspense is about to be over! So come with me as I take you on this beautiful ride… I met my husband

How It All Started…

It all began at exactly 8:23am on a beautiful Thursday morning in November 2019 (on the 14th), which also happened to be my graduation day from the University of Ibadan.

I got a ‘wave’ on Facebook messenger from a young man!

I guess I saw the notification, but I didn’t open my messenger to view it

Now fast forward to Friday, the 16th of November, when I decided to upload pictures from my convocation on my facebook page, I devoted the entire day (literally speaking) to replying comments as well as congratulatory messages in my messenger.

I barely open my facebook messenger! But I did that day…

The Wave From Mr B…

While at it, I came across the ‘wave’ from Olukoya Bolaji (now Mr B) and I replied with ‘hello, good morning,’ because it was 10:15am at the time.

Let me quickly add that Mr B and I attended the same Uni for first degree. We knew each other from afar back then! There wasn’t any form of close contact, neither did we ever say hello to each other through out our four years in school. He was just one boy that was ‘everywhere’ with his group of friends….

So I guess I recognized him from his profile picture, which compelled me to reply him. Anyways, he wasn’t online that day! He later replied my “hello, good morning” on the 21st of November at about 9PM with a “congratulations”.

I wasn’t online that day! So I replied the next day (22nd) with a “thank you” at 6:18PM

Silence Breaker…

There were no words from him…

On the 30th of November, I found myself once again in Facebook messenger (quite unusual if I must say)! I sent him an “hello” because I saw that he was online at the time. He replied and we got talking…

He later asked for my phone number that very day and that was the beginning of our love story…

Mr B didn’t give me any breathing space! We would go from long phone calls to endless chats on WhatsApp and then voice/video calls! He would call and we would just gist for minutes without getting bored or running out of what to say…

Following my breakup with Mr T, I prayed to God and told HIM that the next guy that would come into my life should propose marriage straight up and should be comfortable with my sexual orientation…

And that was the case with Mr B! He knew he wanted to be married by 2020, but he wasn’t serious with anyone as of November 2019. With me, he felt safe and at peace!

The Big Reveal…

On the 4th of December, he finally opened up and proposed marriage to me (I can’t forgot those sweet words he said to me)

It is worth mentioning that we haven’t even met physically. He was based in Abuja, while I was with my parents in Ibadan.

I remember telling him I would have an answer to his proposal only when we had met physically and after praying to God.

We continued being friends and he arranged to spend his Christmas in Ibadan at his Grandpa’s place. He arrived in Ibadan on the 20th of December (which was a Saturday), and we arranged to meet on Sunday (the next day).

The Arrival…

I was having a photoshoot at the Cultural Centre, Mokola when Mr B showed up looking all tall and handsome😁 with some packs of food!

I don’t know how he knew I was hungry! Left home almost immediately after we got back from church so I didn’t have time to eat…

He was super shy and didn’t know how to greet me when I approached him after my shoot! I helped him out by giving him a friendly hug…

We ate and later went to the cinema to see a movie…

It was that night when I got home, I gave an answer to his proposal (it was OFFICIAL). I met my husband

And that’s all on how I met my husband…A love story (part 2). I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I really hope I didn’t miss anything out (so there won’t be a Part 3 on how I met my husband 😂). I met my husband

I look forward to your sweet comments in the comment section below⬇️

Also, do not hesitate to let me know what you would want me to write about in my next post…

Till next time, I remain your favourite Lifestyle blogger and Content Creator!

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Stay Blessed and keep trusting God to grant your wishes!


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  1. To a Man that is Ready, All things are ready.

    Longetivity isn’t legality.

    It doesn’t have to be a long courtship to be the right one.

    God makes Everything beautiful in His time and I am grateful to God for this and more.

    Cheers dearie 😚

    1. Absolutely! I for one think long courtships are overrated 😏… thank you so much for your kind words and regular support! I really appreciate it😊

  2. Why is the gist short na, we want more from you. What happened at the Cinema and after that? What were the sweet words he said? How was the experience with Mr B after you met?

    1. Oh! Wow… if I go into all that, I don’t think just a blog post would be enough😂 Maybe I’d have to write a book😋

  3. I’m just Awwwwiing all the way. This is sweet .
    I love the fact that you stuck to what you believed and waited for the right person to come . Congratulations once Again😍😍😍.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 😊😊😊. Yes babe, I am super glad I stood my grounds… thank you so much 💜

    1. Enjoying reading your post Blessing. So happy you kept your self for the right guy. May God make your love for each other to be stronger.

  4. Great and interesting dearie…so happy for you… May your home remain blessed and may all the resources you need for convenience be made available for you..all the very best sweet..

    1. Awwn😊 Grace darling! Thank you so much…I am really glad you enjoyed reading this! And a very Big Amen to your prayers💜💜

  5. Lovely love story and a happy ending.
    Maybe Mr B. have been eyeing you since your undergraduate days. Congratulations once again.Wishing you a fruitful and blissful marital life.

    1. Thank you so much!!! Hmmn, that’s possible too 😊. Thank you and Amen! I really appreciate your kind words 💜

  6. Great story❤️…I love the ‘short courtship’ ,lol. God indeed makes all things beautiful in His time. Congratulations dear😘😘

  7. The story get everything. I still dey calculate wetin you suppose post next. But I have one for we guys. How do we take care of our beard to make it stand out.

  8. Have Facebook messenger
    Open it once in a while after your convocation
    Reply to someone that waves
    Make sure you don’t live in the same city with him
    Do photoshoot and let him come meet you with food,make sure you are hungry oo😅
    My jotter is full now. Now mine is the hands if God.

    Congratulations darling

    1. 😂😂😂 I see you’ve taken plenty notes!!! God will show up for you soon… And Mr Right will locate you 💜. Thank you so much

  9. Have Facebook messenger
    Open it once in a while after your convocation
    Reply to someone that waves
    Make sure you don’t live in the same city with him
    Do photoshoot and let him come meet you with food,make sure you are hungry oo😅
    My jotter is full now. Now mine is the hands if God.

    Congratulations darling❣️

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