How My Period Almost Ruined My Wedding…

Hello blog readers and followers! Welcome back to my safest space on the internet… Based on popular demand, I would be sharing how my period almost ruined my “Big Day” as well as my wedding night chronicles.

The way some of you like amebo a.k.a Gossip ehnnnn, is quite amazing😂😂😂

Without further ado, let’s get right into the business of the day. Shall we?

As most of you already know, Mr B and I had our traditional and white wedding ceremonies on the 9th and 10th of October respectively.

Now guess whose period showed up on the morning of her white wedding? ME!!! It wasn’t even funny at all…

When I realized I would be on my period during my wedding (about a week to the time), I was filled with quite a number of emotions!

Most times, my period comes with moodiness, lack of appetite, severe pain in my abdominal muscles, nausea, irritation, headaches and so many more.

I’m pretty sure someone is wondering how a person would be feeling all these things because of period… Anyways, that’s the story of my life! I hardly fall sick so periods are the only time I get to feel really down and sick… Which is a lot if i must say! 12 freaking times in a year😪

So I just concluded in my heart that I would be a moody and unhappy bride as I would not be able to handle the stress of a wedding and the pain of my period.

Period On Wedding Day…

Now fast forward to my wedding day, the blood flow started as expected! But the pain and other symptoms were missing in action (MIA)

Instead of hoping and praying for the pains not to come, the pessimist in me concluded that they would definitely set in much later… maybe in church or at the reception!

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My glam squad went about their business of making me look all glammed up for my “Big Day” and I was super excited/happy for the journey i was embarking on. my period almost ruined my wedding…

On days when my period shows up, I dare not miss taking pain killers or I’d stand the chance of signing my death sentence! If you know what I mean…

I always force myself to eat something just so I would be able to use my meds! And that would be all for the day. No more food till the next day! It’s always that bad…

Also, I dread going out on days my period start. I would rather lay in bed all day! For obvious reasons😊

But it was my wedding and there was no escaping going out. Let me confess that I forgot to eat something that morning and use pain killers!!!

Anyways, I was super energetic at my wedding reception! I danced and danced and danced as though blood wasn’t flowing from my uterus, out through my vagina😋

And I was a happy bride to my surprise! No pain, no moodiness, no headaches!!!

The Long Awaited Wedding Night…

Now this is the part ya’ll have been waiting for! The part where I am supposed to give you a run down of events after the wedding reception… You know: getting to the hotel, having scented candles lit up, rose petals on the bed, slow/soft music playing, and all that shenanigans that comes with romantic love making 🤣. Well, sorry to burst your bubbles! None of that happened because a baby girl was in her freaking period 🤭🤭🤭

And as you read in the title, it is a story of how my period almost ruined my wedding… #staywoke 😉

We just took a warm shower, cuddled and that was it! We slept quite early because we were tired from all the fun activities and we still had to show up at my church the next day for Thanksgiving!!!

And that’s all on today’s blog post! I hope there’s no suspense this time around?

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For the inquisitive ones among you that would still want to know the particular day Mr B broke the cookie and how the experience was for me, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below ⬇️ (don’t be shy).

Till next time,

Stay hydrated and moisturized! Harmattan season is upon us.

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Xoxo: blairsyn 💜

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      1. Thank God it didn’t spoil your mood on the D-Day😁. My period is always like that too. Pain and headache, I always get diclofenac down.

        1. I’m so glad it didn’t ruin my mood or my Day!!! Yeah, I even had some painkillers. I just forgot to use them😆😆

  1. Ahhhh period always wanting to embarrass someone . Thank God you were okay .
    Anyways ummm (coughs ), so I still want gist shaaaa😂😂

    1. Period wahala!!! Thank God ooo… 😂😂😂, so you like gist! I’d see what I can I do about the gist😁😁😁

  2. This is a fear! It even made me start monitoring my cycle but moods influence periods! My cramps are just like yours! It’s my sickness! 4days of inactivity if I can!
    I pray my period doesn’t come on my wedding day, I know I would feel it!

    1. It’s a big fear ooo… wow! 4 days😱 that’s serious!!! I hope and pray it doesn’t come on your wedding day darling😘💜

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