My Not So Pleasant First Time Sex Experience

If you want to read all about my first time sex experience (which was not so pleasant by the way), then you have come to the right place! Please fasten your seat belts as I take you on this beautiful journey…

Hello blog readers and followers! Good day and welcome back to my corner… Today’s blog post has been a long time coming! There have been series of request (not audio, I promise😁) for me to share my ‘not so pleasant’ first time sex experience, since it didn’t happen on my wedding night!

You might want to catch up on previous posts to get the full gist… You can start from here

So without further ado, let’s get right into the business of the day…

Allow Me To Take You Down Memory Lane…

I got married on the 10th of October, 2020 and my period decided to show up on the morning of my D-day! Interesting right?😄

Conjugal bliss (image from

Anyways, my period usually last 4-5 days with severe abdominal pain on the first day (but I managed to escape that for reasons unknown to me… Read all about it here)

The long wait was finally over!!! My period ended on the 14th (Wednesday) and on thursday, Mr B and I decided to break the cookie… Boy Oh Boy! No one prepared me for the excruciating pains that come with first time penetration (not even the movies 😡)

Let’s break the cookie! Shall we? (Image from

It was a total fail on the first day (let’s just say I couldn’t handle the pain… my muscles were just too tight! And I begged Mr B to allow me catch my breath).

The second day was another epic fail (but we were making progress I guess… We were about 10% in)

Third day, total fail as well…

Fourth day, same old! Same old! (I remember shedding hot tears and talking out loud that “I should have lost this virginity thingy when I was a teenager”)

Please blame that statement on the pain I was feeling at that time… And I also heard somewhere that; the older you get, the tighter your vaginal muscles/wall become!

But I really don’t know how true that is though🤷‍♀️

She Is About To Become A Full Woman….

Finally!!! We had a breakthrough on the fifth day (Monday, the 19th day of October, 2020) at about (oh sorry, I didn’t check the time! I guess I was too caught up and super ready to do away with what has caused me so much pain for about four days)

My Verdict

My first time sex experience was somewhat okay! It definitely wasn’t how movies paint it to be… It just felt a bit weird and strange! And because my vaginal tissues wasn’t secreting just enough lubricants, it felt super painful and dry…to say the least!

During those four days we were trying, I bled!!! Would notice blood all over the toilet bowl while I take a quick wee just after our trial and error 😉

But the good news is that, with an understanding partner and a few practice rounds after the first ever penetration, it gets much better!!!

It can only get better. .. (image from

And that’s it guys…. I hope I didn’t leave any stones unturned as regards my not so pleasant first time sex experience?

Ever had sex before? How was your first time experience?

Be sure to leave a comment/share your thoughts in the comment section below, as I would love to read all about your experiences!

Till next time,

Merry Christmas in advance! Tis the season…

Xoxo: blairsyn (catch me on Instagram @blairsyn_

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  1. My first sexual experience was through rape when I was 7 years old, I don’t really talk about it because there’s really nothing to talk about. I just thought to make this comment for those of us who didn’t get to choose when we wanted to be deflowered.

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