Welcome To The Beginning Of Another Decade

As you’ve seen from the title “welcome to the beginning of another decade”, this post is my special way of giving you a warm welcome to the start of a new year-2021.

Happy new year Lovelies💜. I’m so sorry this is coming late! I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we are thirteen days into the year already 😳. Like how???

Welcome to 2021

I know a lot of pressure comes with the start of a new year; trying to pen down your plans and goals for the year, coming up with new strategies, and all that… Which I believe is very crucial, but can affect our mental health badly if not handled with care! So, in all you do as regards goal planning, remember to be gentle on yourself and make executable plans.

2020 in Retrospect (The End Of A Decade)

Quite a number of us anticipated it to be a very good year, but 2020 came and showed us who the boss is… With the outbreak of the global pandemic-COVID-19, high death toll, police brutality, Lekki massacre, amongst other terrible things 2020 threw at us, it is safe to say “IT WAS INDEED A YEAR”

But it is also worth mentioning that a few good things happened- new businesses sprang up, increased online sales, lots of ‘I said Yes’ 😁, amongst others.

Speaking of saying yes, I am not exempted! As I got married last year and you can read all about my wedding experience here

It was definitely a good year for creatives; micro influencers to be precise, as a lot of small/medium scale businesses saw the need to employ the services of influencers/bloggers to help promote their brands and increase their online presence which would in turn translate into sales.

In 2020, since everyone was working from home (asides the essential workers), the amount of time spent on the internet increased a great deal and those who were smart enough to recognize what this meant, cashed out BIG TIME.


A Fresh Start (A New Decade)

A new year is upon us! So, instead of brooding/lamenting over the fact that Covid-19 is still very much out there, it is high time you went back to the drawing boards and re-strategize.

COVID-19 is the new Malaria! Mask up, sanitize your hands, follow/adhere strictly to all guidelines and execute your plans for 2021 one-goal-at-a-time.

And that’s all on today’s post, I hope you accept my warm welcome to the beginning of another decade 😊

Till next time, Stay Winning!

P.S- Did you make any resolutions this year? Or you can’t be bothered like me 😂

Be sure to leave me a comment in the comment section below as I look forward to hearing from you!

yours truly

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  1. Happy New Year, 2020 was really a year and we thank God for the new year. Definitely goals have been set and we all need to be strategic about that.

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