Tips On How To Beat Depression

As you have noticed from the title, today’s post is all about depression, and I would be sharing some tips on how to beat it before it totally gets out of hand.

It would be rude of me to just jump into the post without saying hello, so here it goes! Hello Lovelies…Good day and welcome back to my safest space on the internet! I know it’s been a while since I last wrote on here… But, I am here now and I sincerely apologize 😊🤗

It’s funny how this post idea has been lingering in my head for the longest…

What Is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that can affect a person’s daily life. It may also be described as feelings of sadness, loss or anger.

Depression doesn’t just happen all of a sudden! It takes a lot of nurturing and goes through series of process…

There are so many factors responsible for depression in humans, I.e, lack of job, lack of money, feelings of unfulfilment, as well as environment/societal factors.

In my last post on goal setting, I spoke a bit about mental health! You can check it here

While it might be super easy to spot traces of depression in some people (due to moodiness, sadness, lack of interest in anything, anger, and the likes), it could be quite difficult to notice among others because they have mastered the act of appearing happy with big smiles on their faces in public, but in their private spaces, they are the saddest.

They appear the happiest and kindest, and sometimes even have solutions to your problems. But deep down, they are depressed and suicidal.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Sanity And Beat Depression

  • Identity what triggers sadness, moodiness, and/or anger in you
  • Stay away/try to avoid those things that make you sad
  • Find someone you can trust
  • Speak to them about your issues (nobody is always strong/tough, we would sometimes need help)
  • Listen to inspirational/gospel songs
  • Read your bible and ask God for help (trust me, HE listens and would always come through for you)
  • Stay away from social media for a while (Yes, I said it!!! There’s too much pressure on there and everyone on social media seem to have their life/shit together) But, na scam… we are all just winging it.
  • You could also visit a psychologist, therapist or doctor whenever you feel overwhelmed or lost.

Those are few of the tips on how to beat depression that I could come up with. If you have additional tips, be sure to leave them in the comment section below as you could be saving a life!

Pro tip: do away with comparison (stop comparing your life/journey with anybody’s

Also, let’s be reminded that a smile can hide depression, but it can never hide the pain we feel inside.

Always check up on your friends, family and loved ones. And give them some words of encouragement, gifts while at it.

Do not wait till you hear the news of their passing away/death before you start showing love by bringing flowers to their graveyard!

Give people their flowers while they are still alive… Be nice and kind to people at all times!

I really wish I could go on and on, but my pen’s ink is finishing…

I hope this post was helpful? If it was, be sure to share it with your friends (trust me, they would thank and appreciate you😊

Till next time, Stay Happy!

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  1. This was straightforward asf!! I’d also like to add that enjoying your own space-enjoying your own company does help a lot in the journey to restoring one’s mind. Hopefully, i’d share my own experience with it soon…. well done.

  2. This is quite insightful and helpful. A lot of people are depressed yet they do not know. Thank you for sharing from your wealth of knowledge.❤❤❤

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