Magicland Amusement Park| my visit + full experience

This post is all about Magicland Amusement Park, my visit and full experience. Magicland, which was formerly Wonderland Amusement Park is one of the biggest and well equipped amusement parks in Nigeria.

Located in the hearts of Abuja, Magicland is very close to the City Gate and just opposite the National Stadium.

I remember promising in my last post to disclose if I ended up visiting Magicland after two failed attempts. Well, here’s me fulfilling my promise! Yes, I visited again and I had such an amazing time…

It was a beautiful Friday evening, at about 4:00pm, when I got dressed and ordered a bolt ride (my husband was still at work and I couldn’t wait for him to take us! But he later joined us), and headed straight out for the park alongside my brother- Emmanuel.

Entry Into Magicland

We observed that there were laid down guidelines as regards accessibility into Magicland. Firstly, you must wash and sanitize your hands as washing bowls, liquid soaps and sanitizers have been provided at the entrance. Secondly, you must have your face mask on at all times. And finally, you must buy at least one ticket priced at #500 per person.

My Experience At Magicland Amusement Park

Magicland is such a beautiful and fun place to be, especially for adventure seekers/lovers. With its wide range of activities and fun rides, I was definitely in for the time of my life.

I got on the Ferris wheel, which definitely gave me a good and beautiful view of Abuja.

If you’re scared of heights, please do not go on this ride😂

For my second ride, I got on the super spin and as the name implies- I was spun left, right and centre. At a point I was feeling dizzy to be honest… But I totally enjoyed it!

I wanted to try out the Water Splash for my final ride, but the personnel in charge wasn’t available (we were told the water splash would function the next day- Saturday).

And so we decided to get some ice cream at the Arcade. I got three scoops in different flavors- vanilla, coconut and chocolate 😋

Magicland is just the perfect place to add fun and happy memories to your life, bond with friends/family. Also very good for birthdays, hangouts, and picnics.

I would definitely be visiting again sometime soon and probably get to experience all the rides…

And that’s all on my visit to Magicland Amusement Park + my full experience. I do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing my experience with you!

Ever visited an Amusement park? What are your favorite rides of all time?

Be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below as I always look forward to hearing from you my amazing readers.

Till next time,

Stay happy!

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