My Experience At The Jabi African Arts and Craft Market

If you’re here to read all about my experience at the Jabi African arts and craft market, then you’ve come to the right place…

Hello blog readers and followers! Good day and welcome back to my safest space on the internet.

I want to sincerely apologize for not showing up here as often as I should (life has been happening… but we meuveeee).

Without further ado, let’s get right into the business of the day!

On Friday, the 2nd of July, 2021, at about 1:10pm, I and my brother @osothestudio set out for a quick visit to Jabi African arts and craft market.

Permit me to say that we had a swell time just seeing original handmade artworks and crafts.

About the Jabi arts and craft market…

The Jabi African arts and crafts market is located at Airport Rd, Jabi, Abuja and the Google maps address is very accurate.

And as the name implies, it is a semi-local market where one can shop for original African handmade arts, artworks, local arts and crafts.

It houses indigenous art and craft products across a wide range of local artists.

Also, they have a whole lot of beautiful African pieces and each of the items tell unique stories of history and diverse culture.

You’re sure to find leather accessories, wood craft, tie and dye, paintings, sculptures, rattan pieces, fashion beads, old Naira notes/coins, cowries, gems & stones, e.t.c, (there is something for everyone).

What inspired my visit to the Arts market?

As an art lover, it has been on my bucket list to visit an arts and craft market. Sometime ago when I was in Lagos for a mini vacation, I wanted to visit the Lekki arts and craft market (but that visit didn’t take place…).

So when I moved to Abuja in October last year and discovered there was an arts market in my new city, I knew I had to visit.

Also, I kept seeing pictures of some of my favorite bloggers at the arts and craft market (and I just couldn’t hold back anymore).

My not-so good experience at the Jabi Arts and Craft market

Asides visiting the market to shop for handmade arts and craft, we also planned a mini photo shoot at the Arts market.

So my brother went with his camera! We bought few pieces from two shop owners at the market and they were so receptive and nice (they indulged us and allowed us to take photos of their products and of ourselves in their shops).

However, we later decided to take our photo session to the ‘streets’ of the market (the walkways).

And that’s how one lousy man started making a fuss about the whole situation.

He said we are supposed to take permission from the market council or something like that!

We explained the photos weren’t for commercial purposes! Took a few shots and left the market…

I still find it hard to comprehend why it’s such a big deal to take pictures with a digital camera in public spaces here in Nigeria!!!

And that’s all on my experience at the Jabi African arts and craft market.

Have you ever visited an arts market? If yes, in what state?

Also, have you ever been harassed for trying to take pictures with a digital camera at a public space?

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below as I always look forward to your replies…

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More photos …

Things we bought and their prices

rattan storage basket- #4500
rattan hat- #2000
Black neck piece & earrings- #2500
old Naira notes- #1000

Till next time,

Stay Fabulous!

Xoxo: blairsyn 💜

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