How I Found Out I Was Pregnant || My Conception Story

If you want to know how I found out I was pregnant, then you should read this blog post till the very end.

Hello blog readers and followers! Good day and welcome back to my safest space on the internet. In today’s post, I’d be sharing my pregnancy story! So if that’s something you would love to know, then you should totally keep reading.

As you all know, I got married on the 10th of October, 2020 and if you’ve been following up on my posts, you’ll know that my period showed up on my wedding day!

And because I have a 25-day cycle, my period was supposed to show up on the 3rd of November (thereabouts). But it didn’t!!!

Anyways, I didn’t attach so much meaning to it (I just concluded that my body system/hormones were adjusting to the fact that I just had sex for the first time).

Mr B was also encouraging me to believe it was just my body adjusting and maybe due to some hormonal changes.

1 week passed, still nothing!!! 2 weeks passed, and that was when I started suspecting that a little human was growing in my tummy…

How I found out I was pregnant: The big reveal

So on the 18th of November, 2020, we decided to visit a laboratory in the estate where we reside for a pregnancy test and it came back positive!!!

Guess what I said to Mr B after reading the content of the test result that was handed to me…

I was like: doubting Thomas! Shebi I told you I was pregnant and you were telling me my body was adjusting.

I literally slept all through my first trimester…

I’ve heard cases of period delaying for 3-5 days, but not for 2 freaking weeks!!! That’s definitely PREGNANCY…

And that’s all on my conception story and how I found out that I was pregnant.

In my next post, I’d be sharing how my parents and pastor from my former church connived to make me get pregnant 9 months after marriage.

It’s going to be very juicy!!! I can promise you that.

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Till next time,

Stay Winning!

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  1. In my own case i mixed up the date of my last period so i wasn’t sure when i was expeting the next but my body was giving me signs that i wasn’t even paying attention to, like i was sleeping and i was always exhausted at the smallest task, lol i didn’t even still know until after like 4 weeks when i tested.
    Wow so you got preggy after the first s*x, lucky you!

    1. I was sleeping quite a lot too, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it😁. The plan was to wait like 6 months-1 year after marriage to start trying for kids ooo, but it sha happened 😂! In all, I’m grateful to God

  2. Congratulations Once Again 💃🏿💃🏿. And yeah reminds me of how my sister planned to get pregnant one year after marriage but God said his plans were different and she got pregnant immediately.
    Association of Online Aunties are ready😃😃😃

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