Happy New Year + Reasons for my overly long break

This blog post is all about wishing you my amazing blog readers a happy new year and detailing the reasons for my overly long break.

Hello Lovelies… Welcome back to my safest space on the internet. I cannot believe it’s been well over 4 months since I last showed up in this corner where I shared my pregnancy story (covers face 🙈).

I sincerely apologize for my overly long absence. Who else is amazed by the speed at which January is moving?

Still can’t believe we are already 20 days into the new year already!!!

Happy New Year

Anyways, permit me to say this properly… Happy New Year Guys 🎊 I am super glad we saw the end of 2021 with so much ease. How has the new year been treating you so far?

Going by the title, I believe I have tackled one aspect of this blog post! Now, let’s move on to the next.

If you’ve been following my blog, then you would know I shared how I found out I was pregnant in my last post.

However, as of the time I published that post, I had already put to bed and my baby was about 3 weeks old.

And you all know (at least you’d have an idea) of the struggles and challenges that come with being a new parent.

The whole thing was strange to me and I needed some time to breathe and accept the fact that I now had a little human to nurse and care for.

Thankfully, my mom was around for the usual/typical “omugwo” which lasts for 3 months.

Omugwo is a traditional Igbo custom for postpartum care by the mother of the couple.
During this period, it is the responsibility of the mother (of the husband or wife) to put the new mom through what she needs to eat to help with milk production for the baby’s consumption, and to care for the baby generally.

All through her stay, this motherhood thingy seemed like a walk in the park for me as my mom did literally everything (from bathing me and the baby to cooking and just holding things down).

All that was required of me was to breastfeed the baby at intervals and trust me, that didn’t seem like a BIG DEAL!

Reasons For My Overly Long Break

Now fast forward (or throwback as the case may be) to the 10th of October, 2021, when the omugwo officially came to an end and my mom had to return back to Ibadan!

That was when it HIT ME that I am now fully responsible for the little human I had brought into this world.

It has not been an easy journey ever since. And due to the fact that there is no manual to parenting,

I have been learning on the job and taking each day as it comes with its own unique struggles.

So, I have been off the blog because I was overwhelmed, getting used to my new status as someone’s mom, and just going with the flow 😄.

Also, I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself because coming up with blog post ideas, drafting them and finally hitting the publish button are really not as easy as they sound.

But I was still finding time to show up on Instagram though. And you can follow me @blairsyn_

Happy new year once again and cheers to being more consistent. Please note that I am not promising anything elaborate! But I would try as much as possible to have at least one blog post up every other week in 2022. (So help me God🙏🏼)

Lest I forget, I started a YouTube channel while I was away… please be sure to subscribe and watch all my videos (they are fun and interesting! If I do say so myself 😉)

And that’s all on wishing you a happy new year and explaining the reasons for my overly long break! I do hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing for you?

I’d catch you in my next post. Bye guys

xoxo: blairsyn

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